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We know that cleaning large spaces can be difficult when there are multiple surfaces needed to disinfect daily. While traditional wipes and cleaning sprays are effective at eliminating germs & bacteria, they require significant effort and are prone to human error. A number of questions might come to mind: How often should I disinfect these surfaces? How much time will that take me to accomplish and do I have enough time to tackle it daily? Did I miss any high-touch point surfaces? That's where Germ Carp's electrostatic spray technology comes into play.

How Does electrostatic spray technology work?

Imagine if you didn't have to clean & disinfect surfaces as often and still maintain a healthy environment free of germs & bacteria? That's exactly what electrostatic treatment does.

Electrostatic spray technology is the modern way to apply cleaners & sanitizers in large facilities, residential homes and offices that requires less time and better coverage compared to traditional cleaning methods.

It works by charging liquids (whether that's cleaning solution, sanitizers, disinfectants, etc) as they pass through a sprayer nozzle. This then generates charged droplets that repel one another and actively seek out surfaces to stick to and wrap around to coat all sides of the surface. This works exceptionally well at coating surfaces completely & makes hard to clean areas simple.

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Where Can I Apply Electrostatic Spray Technology?

You can use electrostatic spray technology in place of every area and surface you currently disinfect and sanitize. It is highly sought out for large areas because you can clean them in minutes compared to hours which makes schools, public restrooms, restaurants, offices, gyms and even vehicles great spaces to treat. Because the surfaces where the electrostatic spray is applied becomes evenly coated, wiping it down regularly is not needed. We do, however, recommend periodically wiping down surfaces to keep them polished which helps the technology continue to work efficiently for up to three months after it is applied.

We recommend treating your home or facility with our electrostatic treatment every three months to maintain a clean environment.

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