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The term "microbe" is simply another term meaning a "micro-organism" - a living thing that is too small to see with the naked eye.  This generally is used as a classification which includes bacteria, fungi and viruses, but may also include protozoans.

And while this general classification is commonly reserved for "bad" or disease-causing organism, it must be pointed out that 95%+ of the bacteria in creation is "good" and thoroughly beneficial.

For this reason, "antimicrobial stewardship" should be broadly practiced to ensure that toxic residues are avoided each and every time a disinfectant is employed.

Bacteria are living organisms, viruses are not.

Viruses are the parasites of the microbial world, containing either DNA or RNA packets of data that entirely depends upon the metabolism of the host to perform all of the processes necessary for its own replication and propagation. This is part of the reason why, once they have entered a host, they can become extremely difficult to eradicate.

However, when they are on surfaces, they can generally be removed and dispatched with the right choice of disinfectant.

Bacteria, on the other hand, can actually be the more difficult to remove from surfaces. We will dive deeper into this subject on the next tab.

When bacteria establishes contact with an inhabitable surface, it replicates* and builds a community. Each bacteria cell then participates in the construction of the community defenses by emitting a protein-based substance that surrounds their community.

biofilm engineering with germ carp pittsburgh pa

When the community grows larger than the space can support, it detaches and expels cells to begin the formation of a new community.  These structures are rarely part of the laboratory testing of disinfectant efficacy, and if a product is not effective on biofilm, it will have little effect on bacteria cells.  Few products are efficacious on both biofilm and microbes - we use the very best!

Take a sharp pencil and make the smallest of dots on a piece of paper. Look hard at that dot and now try to imagine it as a powerful army of 10,000,000 soldiers, and each of those soldiers trained to breach any biofilm defenses, covertly pass through any microbial cellular wall, and totally disrupt the inner working of malicious micro-organisms.

The Chlorine Dioxide molecule is so superior to other classes of disinfectant, that it takes 4 TIMES stronger a solution of bleach, 10 TIMES stronger a solution of quaternary disinfectant and 70 TIMES stronger a solution of hydrogen peroxide to accomplish what this little molecule can do. All while being less toxic, and less harmful to humans, pets, fruits, vegetables and the surfaces and fabrics in our world.

It's not the disinfectants that generally let down a good germ control program, but the process.

In most protocols, germ control means the use of a quaternary-ammonia compound cleaner and disinfectant as a single-step process. It is thought that the germs are both removed and dispatched in this singular action.

That may be the case...if the soil and bio-burden load is low, and microbes congregated on the surfaces are easy to kill.  Even with this method, the germs are removed or killed, and all is good, right?

Not necessarily.

That entire exercise protected the handrail, the door handle, the back of the chair, the edge of the water fountain, the light switch, counter top, phone pad or toilet seat ONLY until the first person happens to deposit germs on that surface.  Once that happens, the disinfection process no longer helps anyone.

What we do is coat the surfaces with a microscopic "bed of nails" which has the capacity to rupture the cell walls of bacteria and immediately stop the cellular metabolism, arrest any replication and eliminate the threat between the regular cycles of cleaning and disinfection. This is why we call it "Round the Clock Protection". 


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