Why Now Is The Perfect Time For Commercial Disinfecting

With the spread of COVID-19 and the resulting upheaval to daily life, these are challenging times worldwide and for the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania community. 


The health and safety of individuals and communities is at the forefront of people’s minds—including prevention of exposure to harmful viruses and bacteria. 


Germ Carp is here to serve our local area through commercial disinfecting in Pittsburgh. And there are several key factors that make now the ideal time to take advantage of this essential service. 


Prioritize Commercial Disinfecting Now


Given the gradual phases of reopening and the uncertainty that lies ahead, many businesses are operating with limited or restricted hours. While this of course comes with unique challenges, it also brings beneficial opportunities. 


Now is the perfect time for a complete disinfecting treatment of offices and commercial spaces. Germ Carp can help ensure safety for both your customers and employees by offering around the clock anti-microbial protection through our revolutionary disinfecting method. Plus, we offer open hours on demand so you can schedule our service at a time that works best for your establishment. 


Our commercial disinfecting method offers more than just one-time sanitizing. With Germ Carp, our product continues working around the clock for up to three months. While daily sanitizing is still important, our service lasts longer and is convenient and cost effective for your business by saving you the hassle of having to do deep sanitizing procedures on a daily basis. 


Our disinfecting service is available for homes, small businesses, and large industries and always includes the application of ClO2 on both hard and soft surfaces, touch point spray application of our Antimicrobial Coating, and a gentle wipe down. 


With Germ Carp, you can enjoy peace of mind in knowing the surfaces in your commercial space are continually fighting harmful germs so both your employees and customers are safe.


Commercial Disinfecting In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Our team at Germ Carp is here for you when you need us. Take advantage of around the clock disinfection and protection for your home or business with our revolutionary method. Germs are no match for Germ Carp, and will be dead on arrival with our help. We look forward to serving you!


Schedule your commercial disinfecting appointment in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania today.