With the spread of COVID-19 and its upheaval to daily life and public health, more efforts have turned toward disinfecting various surfaces. Many are seeking some form of a sanitizing service in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. But which method is actually most effective and worth the price you pay? 


Germ Carp is proud to provide revolutionary BioProtect technology that adds an added level of protection against bacteria and germs on various porous and non-porous surfaces. Here’s how it works. 


BioProtect Vs. Disinfectant


BioProtect has been utilized in various areas throughout Pittsburgh, including homes, schools, hospitals, outdoor playgrounds, buses, vehicles, businesses, and more. disinfect house for coronavirus pittsburgh pa


BioProtect is a cutting-edge, patented, EPA registered product that instantly adheres to surfaces using a spray-on applicator. Once BioProtect is applied, it lasts on treated surfaces for up to 90 days.


The active ingredient in hospital-grade BioProtect is both colorless and odorless and kills 99.999% of bacteria including E.Coli and Salmonella in less than 60 seconds. It has been laboratory tested and proven to be safe for kids and pets on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Once BioProtect is applied, no rinse is required. Surfaces are even safe for contact with food immediately. 


The key benefits between BioProtect and store-bought disinfectant is that BioProtect continues killing bacteria and germs on surfaces long after its been applied while disinfectants only kill existing bacteria on surfaces until more is deposited. Wonder how this is possible? The proof is in the science. 


Understanding Microbes When Choosing A Sanitizing Service


Microbes, or micro-organisms, include bacteria, fungi, viruses, and protozoans. Most bacteria can actually be beneficial, but some are harmful to our health. Bacteria can be difficult to remove from surfaces as it builds and grows in communities that are surrounded by self-shielding protein-based substances. 


While bacteria are living organisms, viruses are not. Viruses contain either DNA or RNA, which is basically data that depend on the metabolism of a host to replicate and spread. Once viruses enter a host, they can be tough to get rid of. But when on surfaces, they can generally be eliminated with the right disinfectant. 


BioProtect utilizes Chlorine Dioxide—the highest caliber disinfectant that breaches biofilm defense and micro-organisms and is 4 times stronger than bleach, 10 times stronger than quaternary disinfectant, and 70 times stronger than hydrogen peroxide solution. Plus, ClO2 is non-toxic and safe for humans, pets, fruits, vegetables, fabric, and various surfaces. 


Most disinfecting protocols include applying a quaternary-ammonia compound in a single step. But the problem with this is, the second the next person deposits more germs on the surface, you’re right back where you started. 


Germ Carp offers what we call “round the clock protection” by coating surfaces with a solution that ruptures the cell walls of bacteria and stops cellular metabolism and replication. This means that our solution will continue working to fight off germs even between cycles of cleaning and disinfecting.


Sanitizing Service In Pittsburg, Pennsylvania


Because dirt build up, stains, and dead microbes cover the treatment Germ Carp applies, keep in mind that routine cleaning of surfaces that have been treated with BioProtect is essential for the antimicrobials to continue doing their job. 


BioProtect is more effective at removing bacteria and viruses plus keeps surfaces cleaner and fresher between regular cleanings. Our goal is to help you enjoy a cleaner, safer home or office in the Pittsburgh area.

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