Students will crash to talk or study just about anywhere…

The constant climbing of stairwells, handling the railing and opening of doors produce hundreds, if not thousands of touches per day.  Disinfection happens only once/day.

  Consider an elevator button pad. The germ deposits left here can be scary. Disinfection happens only once/day.

You go to a fine restaurant, or any restaurant, and the waiter hands you a menu. You make your choice and return it to your host.  The transference of germs on these menus would not be half as bad, if it weren’t for the fact that bacteria travels from menu, to your hands, to the dinner rolls immediately brought to your table…and right into your mouth and bio-system.

Antimicrobial coatings don’t replace cleaning, nor do they replace proper disinfection…they merely protect the surfaces and the people that touch them “round the clock“.